Munchy's Assurance
In our world of biscuits, our most important stakeholder is you – the customer and consumer. Therefore, we constantly strive to produce the highest quality biscuits possible, always staying true to our promise of being a responsible manufacturer.

Quality Assurance
Set up with the sole purpose of ensuring that the highest food safety standards are maintained, this department comprises:

  1. In-Process Quality Control

    • Monitoring product quality parameters at various processing stages from raw material until finished goods.

  2. Incoming Control

    • Monitoring of raw material and packaging at the entry level.

  3. Laboratories

    • Microbiology Laboratory - To analyze and minimize microbiology contamination of products, processing lines, operators and general environment, thus ensuring our products are free from harmful bacteria contamination.
    • General Laboratory - To ensure that all our products meet legislative requirements, and are up to our consumers’ expectations.

  4. The prime mover for ISO9001, ISO22000, BRC, and Halal

Food Safety Policy
In addition to the measures taken by our QA department, our Food Safety Assurance Policy requires all suppliers of raw material to provide the following information, in addition to the regular requirements:

  • Letter of Guarantee stating that their products do not contain any hazardous materials.
  • Certificate of Analysis from an accredited laboratory listing the results of the raw material analyses.
  • Country of origin that is measured against Codex Alimentarius (set by the World Health Organization and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations), the universally-recognized risk-rating guideline.

As part of Munchy’s verification procedures, inspection is carried out on raw material, work-in-progress and end products. Finished products are periodically sent to selected accredited external laboratories for chemical and microbiological tests. 

For more details on Munchy’s Food Safety Assurance, please click here.

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