With the Government of Malaysia focusing on turning the nation into an international Halal Hub, at Munchy's, we're proud to say that we have always recognised the importance of manufacturing only Halal products. And this dedication to preserving the sanctity of our products is reflected by our Halal status which we first received more than 10 years ago.

At Munchy's, we take our Halal status very seriously and believe it to be a privilege that comes with responsibility. This is why we have a dedicated committee that deals with all things Halal. The Committee is made up of representatives from each key section that contributes to the making of our products.

We believe the presence of the Halal Committee further enhances our commitment to meeting Halal requirements and being Syariah compliant. Amongst the KPIs set by the Halal Committee are to issue guidelines that reduce the risk of Halal non-compliance, enhance Halal awareness within the organisation, and actively participate in Halal seminars and trade fairs. MIHAS 2009 (Malaysian International Halal Showcase) is one such event in which we successfully participated this year, and as the years progress, we will definitely be part of similar venerated activities.

As we continue to ensure that all our products and procedures are Halal-compliant, we would like to hear from our most valued asset, our consumers. Therefore, we invite the Rakyat of Malaysia to share any of their comments and concerns with us by clicking here.

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