Munchy's Original Cream Crackers

We believe cream cracker is our nation's beloved cracker. Most Malaysians eat cream cracker every morning for breakfast or tea time. It's a staple product for everyday consumption. While we have our perfect dip size cream cracker, catering to those who want convenience in their daily life, there are still plenty of those who enjoy the cracking of a square-shaped cracker and don't mind the crumbs :)
Munchy's Original Cream Cracker is another innovation from Munchy's to provide our consumers another choice of cream cracker which is square-shaped that everybody loves. It comes with convenience packs for easy munching enjoyment with friends and family while you're filling up your tummy.
Munchy's Original Cream Crackers is tastier and crunchier than ever that you will love dipping it into your favourite beverages.

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